Vinayak Marine Services Pvt. Ltd.
At Vinayak Marine Services Pvt. Ltd., we introduce ourselves as one of the leading shipping companies, which specialises in Crew Boat, Utility Boat and Work Boat business. Ours is completely performance-oriented, quality-conscious company providing excellent services on schedule with devotion & commitment.

Starting just from a scratch way back in year 2007, today we are proud owner of fleet of crew boats and are fully compliance of SPS code .We are committed to achieve total customer satisfaction by giving them world class services. Our continuous and never-ending improvement attitude by professional team with vast experience has enabled us to grow so rapidly and vertically upwards. more......

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Our team consists of well-qualified Engineers, Senior Managers, Chartered

Accountant, Supervisors, Master Mariners, Operators, Technicians etc.


Professional Team with vast experience is employed in order to provide
efficient, cost effective & smooth services on schedule in the field of offshore

Our familiarity and acquaintance with crew boat management gives

us the confidence to accept the challenging work.

Our Chief Executive directly

and personally supervises day-to-day work in order to render fanta-fabulous
services to client.
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